2G shutdown in Switzerland.

2G shutdown by Swisscom: We are offering a discounted 3G upgrade for older Stromer ST1 X, ST2 S and ST2 models.


Swisscom will stop supporting 2G technology (GSM) in Switzerland at the end of 2020. This so-called 2G shutdown will affect alarms and traffic lights, streetcars and cars on which 2G technology is used in the so-called “machine to machine (M2M) application”.

Owners of Stromer models ST1 X, ST2 S and ST2 with black-and-white monochrome display are affected as these also work with 2G technology. It will still be possible to ride these models after the 2G shutdown but the installed SIM card will lose its communication function, meaning that GPS localization and over-the-air updates will no longer be possible.

Starting now, Stromer is therefore offering owners of the affected models an upgrade as part of the “OMNI C display kit campaign” for a special end customer price of CHF 390 instead of CHF 649. The special offer is valid until the end of July 2021 for Stromer bikes that are registered in Switzerland. The amount listed above shall apply.

Switching to the OMNI C interface includes numerous benefits: better user-friendliness and improved design thanks to the color display as well as new functions through the integrated Bluetooth technology such as Smartlock, the automatic locking/unlocking of your bike. Existing functions such as connecting the bike with the smartphone via app, statistics, motor settings, etc. will continue to be offered. OMNI C also naturally guarantees over-the-air updates and GPS localization.

Owners of Stromer models ST1 X, ST2 S and ST2 who live in Switzerland will be informed of the upcoming 2G shutdown and the special offer from Stromer by email. They will be asked to contact their Stromer dealer.