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Stromer 10 years
October 11, 2019

WOW! 472’913 kilometers in 24 hours – we wrote history!

One more unforgettable day in the history of Stromer is behind us. Stromer riders around the world got on their bikes yesterday with one common goal: circling the globe 10 times! Everyone helped in our attempt to break the ambitious record of 400’750 kilometers traveled within 24 hours (Central European Time). Together we managed to travel no less than 472’913 kilometers*. About 10’909 Stromer drivers took part in the community event, which corresponds to an average distance of 43.35 kilometers per participant.

We are both happy and proud to witness this incredible dedication by the Stromer community. We are looking forward to a successful future together full of motivation and optimism. Here’s to many great rides in the future.

Your Stromer Team

*471’570 kilometers by Stromer with OMNI (e.g. ST1 X, ST2, ST2 S, ST3, ST5) and 1’343 kilometers via manual data transmission (e.g. V1, ST1).